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Opening my Eyes to the Real World

The internship program of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) was one of the things I actually looked forward to this semester. Considering that I am loaded with Economics classes and loads of workload in organizational work and other academics, having to spend a Monday outside of the campus is a breath of fresh air. While I try to refrain from dealing with heavy workload, I also enjoy doing stuff that are non-academic but at the same time, value-adding. This is exactly what PCIJ brought to the table. Continue reading

Lingkod Kapamilya Journey

We were under Project and Donor Management, and that team’s task is basically internal. It is divided into more categories, then — HR, Procurement, Asset Management, Procurement, Legals, Finance, Marketing, and Accounting. I volunteered to work on Asset Management because the thought of valuing and counting the inventory or flow of in-kind donations seemed fun. Asset Management also was the backbone of the whole PDM. It was like every other category under PDM was dependent on Asset Management. Continue reading

More than a Kapamilya.

About last week of January, UP School of Economics asked the students to group into five (5) and choose what NGO (Non-governmental organization) or Government units they want to have their internship at NSTP. Our team – which is Team 11 (consist of Daphne Del Mundo, Angeli Garcia, Shaira Pascual, Janis Sumait and Dana Salgado) was chosen to conduct internship at ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. under the Project and Donor Management program. Continue reading

Certified Kapamilya!

Being assigned in ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. made me overjoyed. For one, I am relieved by the convenience to live a few blocks away and two, I am thrilled about the idea of working for the TV station that houses my celebrity crushes and a lot of talented people I idolize. However, I felt a little nervous too. Sure, I earned some marketing, sales and logistic work experience in my student organization but I had 0 experience working for a company. Continue reading