Critically Nationalistic

Conflicts. We are faced with different conflicts and different opinions daily, that when triggered may result to grave consequences. People are gifted with their own choice of preferences and point of views that makes me believe that out of the billion people in this world, it will be difficult to find someone with the same arguments and preferences such as yours. In fact, the film has shown that concept. May it be inside our homes, or in our neighborhood, or even in our country, conflicts are present. The only difference is on how people approach conflicts that come in their way.

People have different approaches and consequences when dealing with conflicts. Some people may be apathetic, may be sympathetic, and others may be willing to help. Other people who have gone through tough times may still be stuck and be dramatic about it, and may have a hard time moving on just like the director’s grandmother-in-law. However, others who have gone through conflicts who haven’t been able to settle it, sadly, have cost their lives.

I believe we all know that war is brought on by conflicts, but do conflicts always brought war?

The answer is no. It still depends on what we do when there is conflict. Either we will prevent war and compromise, or stand firmly on your argument and push through with the war. Remember, war is a tender thing. War can easily broke out especially if the issue cannot be resolved and there is a constant misunderstanding between the parties. However, a war can also be prevented if the conflict is handled with the gentlest care until the parties compromised.

Now, what has this got to do with nationalism? Being nationalistic, you are truly devoted to your country, and in the process there will be conflicts, there will be issues, there will be challenges. People will try to pull you and your country down that may shake the sense of nationality in you. You may become impulsive, and with conflicts that surrounds you, it may bring forth war.

Remember, war is a tender thing so choose your approaches to conflicts with gentlest care.

Be nationalistic, but at the same time be critical.

– Elyssa Mariel T. Mores 2013-10169

3 thoughts on “Critically Nationalistic

  1. How do you define war? Is war purely physical-shooting bombs and firing canyons? If that is how one define wars then “choosing your approaches because war is a tender thing” is difficult to comprehend. Because if we are going to recall history, we have Cold War right?


  2. On your question “Do conflicts always brought war?”, we have the same answer–No. I really believe that war can be prevented if we just acknowledge the fact that people are diverse–that we have different views and opinions on different issues. I also believe that if we focus on our similarities and not on our differences, we can stop these wars.


  3. No society has really accepted all differences. However, some managed to keep peace because of compromises that their state planners are doing. I believe that government interventions are very necessary to make peace and thus they should make critical decisions.


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