Environmental Awareness, Taal-style

The Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center (or Pusod TLCC) is a wonderful institution that promotes eco-tourism in the Taal lake area of Batangas. Armed with personnel from different backgrounds, Pusod TLCC allows visitors to experience various enjoyable activities while learning about the ecology of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

Less than a three-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center sits on the banks of the Taal Lake, on the opposite side from Tagaytay City. In fact, one can faintly see the buildings of Tagaytay City, looking directly across the lake and volcano from Pusod TLCC. The small facility works almost as if it is integrated with the entire town. With just a small hall where people first gather, the activities that the center offers can be done by going through the different parts of the town. These activities include trekking through the small groves around the banks of the lake and taking boat trips into the Taal Lake itself. Visitors are encouraged to collect samples of various plants and even the water of the lake itself. The center offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the area’s ecology as the samples are tested and explained to the visitors. Through these activities, visitors to Pusod TLCC find new and interesting knowledge about the lake and its surrounding ecological environment. It provides not only a fun day of exploration and wandering around for visitors, but more importantly, allows one to learn important facts about our environment.

Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center is a remarkable project which acts as an example for many of country’s towns to promote their area through the environmental beauty that can be found in such places. It also provides an avenue for eco-tourism which will not only aid the institution itself but also the entire community as it provides livelihood for inhabitants of the area. This project is also highly sustainable as it is founded upon the initiative to keep the environment clean and healthy. In short, the more the environment is protected, the more the eco-tourist industry of the town grows. It is unlike many traditional businesses which run contrary to the environment’s health. With more funding for projects like these, the Philippines not only strives towards protecting its environment, but also provides for a greater avenue to generate revenue in the tourism sector. Eco-tourism is not only for locals. It will attract Filipinos and foreigners alike. What more, with a vast array of beautiful landscapes and lush flora and fauna spread throughout the archipelago, our country really is the perfect country to provide such a sector of tourism.

In conclusion, Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center is a groundbreaking primary example of a neglected area of our tourism industry which should be explored further. It suits our country’s ecological make-up and provides opportunities for learning and enjoyment to all sorts of people.

Paolo Lorenzo Tejano


One thought on “Environmental Awareness, Taal-style

  1. I agree with your article 🙂 It would be nice if one day the Philippines would truly be recognized for its beautiful natural resources, when they would be self-sustaining too 🙂


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