The Eyes are the Windows of the Soul, as we know, is a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to promote awareness and appreciation for Philippine art, and culture. I really like their presentation especially when they showed us the illustrations made for their short stories. It looks so simple I can sense that there is a deeper meaning to it.

I got curious with the short story Doll Eyes so I visited their site and read about the story. I was really amazed when I clicked the Doll Eyes icon and a video played about the short story. I can really say that they really worked hard on their site to make it fun and interactive.

I enjoyed reading the short story since it has a mystery feel in it, and at the same time the setting of the story is in Quiapo. We all know that Quiapo is a place where we can obviously see the Filipino culture. The story even mentioned some, like the things people sell there, the color-coded candles, and the feast of the black Nazarene. Additionally, I think the theme of the short story is “The eyes are the windows of the soul” since they mentioned that once the doll maker got hold of your eyes, she’ll have your soul and you’ll be lost forever.

Other than their site, I would also like to emphasize on two key points presented by our speaker from

First, take pride in what you do. We should never be ashamed of whatever we’re doing because our actions define us. Also, think first before doing something. Will it benefit someone? Will it make me happy? Just make sure that once you do something, you’ll do it wholeheartedly because you have thought it over.

Secondly, you have to invent. Remember, there will be no progress if there is no innovation.\

Elyssa Mariel T. Mores

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