Working Behind the Scenes

Serving 40 hours for a better cause is a fulfilling experience. I am very glad that I took CWTS in Econ. No regrets at all! When I first learned that we will be interning in Bantay Bata, I got really excited! I expected a lot of exposure and fieldwork with the kids in Bantay Bata. I really thought that we would prepare and hold programs like story telling, feeding programs, and the like, but that’s not what we did. But let me tell you what a great feeling it is to be working behind the scenes. I found working in the office of Bantay Bata very important because that was the main foundation which holds the social welfare program together.

My experience overall is value adding. In our forty hours, we were given the chance to not only expound on our Econ knowledge but also on practical skills that will be useful for publicity and creatives.

I was actually challenged because I am an amateur in Photoshop. Good thing I worked well with my partner, Dindo, who was really helpful during the process. On the other hand, the rest of our group in Bantay Bata profiled some accounts who are continuously supporting the donation cans.

The highlight of my internship in Bantay Bata is our fieldwork in SM Novaliches. We collected filled cans and replaced them with new ones while manually writing up acknowledgement and delivery receipts. We experienced how time-consuming and tiring it is to manually collect cans from each establishment. It also made me realize how the advancement of technology is a great help to everyone. Sadly, right now it is too costly for Bantay Bata to implement, but I am very hopeful that Bantay Bata will receive more donations in the coming years.

Giulia L. Alivia


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