Internship at the Tariff Commission

The first day was overwhelming. Seeing all people glued in their office computers seemed like it’s a tough job, and it really is. When we came in the Tariff Commission’s office, I was nervous and excited all at the same time. As far as I have heard, the agency itself is known to do some serious government work such as investigations on tariff cases, proposing tariff related policies and more. However, the whole team really welcomed us with open arms and it made me feel comfortable during my stay. Even though their work is really tedious, they take time in getting to know us and even asking us how our internship is going. I can still remember the time when we are doing our line-by-line reading for the ASEAN Tariff 2017 Book wherein they really immersed us with the overview of their job in the agency. It was purely mechanical and highly technical, as our Director would say, but it is one of the most important things the Tariff Commission does since this book will contain all tariff rates for each type of good coming from other ASEAN countries. Not only do the rates matter, but even the slightest change in punctuation also would.

As days pass, I began to appreciate more the work in the agency. It was only unfortunate that most of their work highlights, such as investigations and hearings, happen during the middle of the week. However, I am still grateful that I was able to experience the work in their agency even if it’s just the bird’s eye view of it. I also learned a lot regarding their job description and the possible opportunities that await an economics major in the Tariff Commission. Overall, the experience of interning in an agency like the Tariff Commission is fulfilling and an eye-opener for anyone who would wish to enter the government work.

Ma.Koleen F. Enriquez

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