Philippine Movement for Climate Justice

When I first arrived at our office, I didn’t even have the slightest idea on what climate justice is. The procurement of internships were done via draw lots, and it just so happened that we got PMCJ as our partner agency. We were completely unaware of what the agency does and the advocacy it fights for; hence we didn’t know what to expect of our internship.

However as we went through our internship all throughout the semester, our notion on PMCJ and what it stands for completely changed. Eventually, we were able to grasp the concept of “climate justice” and its evident relevance to contemporary Philippine society. Our tasks revolved mostly on research work: existing Philippine laws on environmental preservation, national powerplant distribution, and climate-smart agriculture, among many more. It provided us with valuable insight on the current state of environmental preservation and protection in the Philippine context in relation to global warming and climate change. Moreover, it addresses a more in-depth perspective on the issue of climate change, regarding it not just as a problem that is physical or environmental in nature, but as a problem that can be tackled from an ethical and political standpoint.

As we have done our part for the agency in the form of research papers and data sets, I’ve come to realize that what we went for was more than just an internship. The lessons we got and the learning we have received from Ma’am Zaira and all the other fellows at PMCJ greatly expanded our horizons and broadened our perspective on the current issues we face in the Philippines and its impact to our daily lives. It equipped us with a better mindset on how to properly analyze and tackle these issues relevant to us in a way that prioritizes the overall welfare and well-being of everyone in society. Looking back, I wouldn’t have asked for any other internship, as I know that the one I spent at PMCJ was the best one I could have asked for.

Benn Joshua Sinugbuhan

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