Lingkod Kapamilya Journey

We were under Project and Donor Management, and that team’s task is basically internal. It is divided into more categories, then — HR, Procurement, Asset Management, Procurement, Legals, Finance, Marketing, and Accounting. I volunteered to work on Asset Management because the thought of valuing and counting the inventory or flow of in-kind donations seemed fun. Asset Management also was the backbone of the whole PDM. It was like every other category under PDM was dependent on Asset Management.

We learned about the different functions of the team some of us — including me — are assigned to. In order to know more about the Asset Management Department, we interviewed the people working on the system — Ms. Mikee, Mr. Roberto, Mr. Ranille. We also went to the small Bantay Bata warehouse and to the main Sagip Kapamilya warehouse to check and interview the legitimate processes of the receiving and releasing of goods.

For the final requirement, we presented a paper to the Board of Directors of the Asset Management, Procurement, and Accounting Departments. It is based on a copy of the procedural guidelines that was given to us by Ms. Josine. What we basically wrote there was simply an improved copy of the base copy they gave us. We suggested a lot of things that we think could make the work of PDM better and more efficient.

Rojean Janis A. Sumait, 2015-35018

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