First meeting with Ma’am Eileen


Last meeting with Ma’am Eileen 😦


A statue in Bantayog ng mga Bayani


Wall of Remembrance at Bantayog ng mga Bayani


After our interview with Tito Ruben and Nanay Nona

This semester, in fulfillment of our CWTS curriculum, our group – Bianca, Tina, Mikee, Bea, and Karla – interned at an organization called Nameless. Nameless is a collective that aims to shed light on the heroes and martyrs of the Martial Law era and the atrocities of the period.


As interns, we were tasked to handle the organization’s Facebook page, create content for it, and spread awareness for the organization’s initiatives and advocacies, among others. Being social media-savvy came in very handy when it came to the workload that was assigned to us, but aside from the technical aspects like creating publicity materials and releasing them into the web, we were exposed to many different experiences as well.


One experience was touring the Bantayog ng Mga Bayani. There, we saw exhibits showcasing the events of the Martial Law era – some examples include various artworks depicting the hardships during the Marcos era, Museo ng Bantayog, and Hall of Remembrance. We also got to see what jail cells looked like back then. Additionally, we were able to interview members of Nameless, Ruben Santos Felipe, or Tito Ruben, and Nona Ferdinand Andaya-Castillo, or Nanay Nona, who were student activists in the Martial Law era. Conversing with them gave us an insight into the hardships they faced and the price our countrymen had to pay for the democracy some of us take for granted today.


Each experience we had with Nameless brought us closer to a cause that we all feel strongly about. Not only did we get more in touch with our nation’s history, we were also able to do our part in spreading that awareness to other people. Overall, it was a fulfilling internship – one, like the Philippines’ unsung heroes and martyrs, we will choose not to forget.

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