War is a Tender Thing

After watching the documentary “War is a Tender Thing”, I actually went home thinking and feeling quite uneasy. That is because of a particular scene wherein one of the people in the film, the mother, was asked about what she thought of the Bangsamoro peace agreement. It seemed to be that she did not really know … Continue reading War is a Tender Thing

The Passion Problem

What I think stood out the most in the talk of Mr. Gigo Alampay, the founder of the Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development (CANVAS), was that he said that it is not always right to follow your passion. Had I not read a related article in an English 10 class that I had, that … Continue reading The Passion Problem


Unfortunate events often greet people unexpectedly. These unfortunate events may range from something so minuscule in the greater scheme of things such as not being woken up by your alarm and being late for class to something which you think is so devastating that you'd call it a disaster. Personally, I use the word "disaster" … Continue reading Disaster