PH’s call for well-implemented population policy

Ever since the past, overpopulation has always been perceived to be aggravating the poverty incidence of a nation; thus alleviating its economy. This issue has also, always been blamed for the dumb growth of the Philippine economy that constantly kept it behind from other Asian countries. Many believe that decreasing the population will ease the … Continue reading PH’s call for well-implemented population policy

Pen or Sword?

Andres Bonifacio, often called “the Father of Philippine Revolution” has just celebrated his 151st birthday yesterday. Generally, this celebration comes with the debate of who should be called the national hero of the Philippines – Rizal or Bonifacio? Rizalistas would be bragging Rizal’s patriotism through his written works; while, Bonifacistas would be boasting Bonifacio’s bravery … Continue reading Pen or Sword?