It was February 6, 2017 when I started my internship at the Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (OASH). It was also the first day I found out the location of OASH: 2nd Floor of Benton Hall. If not for my internship, I wouldn’t really know where OASH is. For our first day, we had a brief … Continue reading Untitled


“ I-offend mo nga siya? Yes you.” I was shocked for a second when Ms. Teresa Paula de Luna pointed at me to answer such controversial question. There were many answers that could be given but my mouth kept shut. And the way I handled or responded to the situation mirrored how the current society … Continue reading “OASH-able”

“Send nudes haha jk”

With the rise of the neoclassical school of thought, economists have more and more immersed themselves in mathematical constructs that attempt to closely model the world. Analytically, this development propelled economic study to greater heights, allowing for the examination of the effects that minuscule movements have on the whole. But this also risks the abstraction of … Continue reading “Send nudes haha jk”