Beyond Pictures

Behold the cunning hero! Stirring his soldiers with great speeches and leading forth, all dashing and inspiring, to drive the baddies down to the ground. Oh, how we enjoyed to see these spectacles. After all with enemies bearing wolves' heads, aliens, monsters, the lines between good and bad are clearly set on stone. They're non … Continue reading Beyond Pictures

Break the Silence

Nine pairs alighted up. Nine pairs held the silence. Nine pairs glanced another, or perhaps the curiosity outside. For passing time sakes. Then lo, the still-breaker speaks! "Mga bababa ng Math diyan, dito na". Yes, you guessed it right! It was kuya something, the ikot jeepney driver that ply the roads of UP Diliman. This … Continue reading Break the Silence

Unalianable Right; On Cyber Privacy an,

You are not alone. There might be feelers creeping beneath those pixelated images. Which brings the question to the table, who’s stalking who? Is there love lost between big brother and you? As mandated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), every individual is entitled to a certain degree of protection that should be … Continue reading Unalianable Right; On Cyber Privacy an,