More on Yolanda & Tourism

Yolanda destroyed the Philippines. A similar scenario happened to Japan. Japan lost about 2 million tourists following their 2011 disaster. As of September, the Philippines had 3.8 million tourists visit the country and given it was the season for holidays, the goal of 5.2 million tourists by the year’s end would have been a breeze. … Continue reading More on Yolanda & Tourism

On Yolanda & Tourism

Tourism in the Philippines, over the last two decades, surged into uncharted waters. The amount of tourists that visit the country doubled since 1996. 2012 marked the highest amount of tourists that have ever visited the country with about more than 4,200,000 people. This previous year, the amount of expected visitors are expected to succeed … Continue reading On Yolanda & Tourism


It is my responsibility as a Filipino to know the history of our country. After visiting the Bantayog ng mga Bayani, I could safely say that I’m on the right track in fulfilling my lifelong responsibility to my country. Martial Law was one of the darkest times in Philippine history. There was so much uncertainty, … Continue reading Heroes


Oftentimes, high school elections can be based not on skill but on popularity. But that was not the case in my sophomore year. The usual suspects were on board and as the miting di avance came, there was this rather plump figure seated among these celebrity figures. And studying in a relatively small school (high … Continue reading Leadership