Politics of Genetically Modified Organisms

This article is a summary of my essay for my Political Science 11 course. Unfortunately, we are at a point in time where population can no longer adjust to meet the quantity that our resources can efficiently supply. Luckily, through advancements in research and development, humanity was able to provide us with a solution wherein … Continue reading Politics of Genetically Modified Organisms

DAP, Economic Growth, and Missed Opportunities

In our Statistics class, our instructor would always say not to be afraid of the long and mind-boggling formulas we see on screen. According to her,┬ákapag pinangunahan ng takot at ideya ng mahirap, magiging mahirap talaga. In this blog post, allow me to discuss the Disbursment Acceleration Program (DAP) and why it is a missed … Continue reading DAP, Economic Growth, and Missed Opportunities