Conflict Among Us

You would think that being a small country, our people especially from different sectors in our country would have strong bond or friendship with one another. I would certainly expect that of our country, given that many of us claim to be nationalistic. But to steal someone else’s home and lands for own desires. For … Continue reading Conflict Among Us

Defending Gender

We had a session talking about gender sensitivity and I listened a lot to the speakers. In my sociology 10 class before I had a chance to be part of a debate about gender sensitivity. I won that debate for my team with my rebuttals and research. Our topic was pro LGBT community and we … Continue reading Defending Gender

Be Aware

We had a talk on disaster risk awareness and it truly piqued my interests. It is a great topic especially for our country the Philippines where we are one of the countries who experiences a large average of typhoons within a year. Disaster risk awareness is important not only because it spreads valuable information ahead … Continue reading Be Aware