Rapid Reaction: War is a Tender Thing

War is a Tender Thing graduate is a documentary film made by Adjani Arumpac, a UP Graduate and filmmaker from Mindanao. She was a graduate of Film and Audio Visual Communications. The film has received acclaim internationally, but this is not her first film. She has made other films such as Walai, a documentary about … Continue reading Rapid Reaction: War is a Tender Thing

Just the Same

Straight male, straight female, gay, lesbian, transsexual, pansexual, bisexual, queer, human. It makes no difference, for we are one and the same. We have always been threatened by those who are different, those who we don’t understand, those who aren’t like us. Whether it be race (see racial tension from the dawn of history to … Continue reading Just the Same

Be Prepared

The Philippines is a sunny, shiny tropical paradise for you and the whole family to enjoy. Except when it rains. It rains a lot. In a place where heavy torrential rain is common place, it is a surprise that there is still a lack of awareness and preparation for the monsoons and typhoons in common … Continue reading Be Prepared

Why Safe Sex?

Pre-marital sex is a reality that we all have to accept, regardless of our own personal beliefs. We can keep on preaching chastity, self-control and all that good stuff, but hormonal teenagers are a different beast. We, the youths, are hormonal and subject to desires of the flesh and rampant curiosity.We may not believe it … Continue reading Why Safe Sex?