The Diversity of Economics

Economics, according to the common man, focuses on the growth and development of a country. They tackle policies about prices, unemployment, inflation, interest rates and the alike. They talk and compare GDPs of one country to another, others suggest. They’re likely to get jobs in banks since they talk about interest rates and all that, … Continue reading The Diversity of Economics

Pwede na ‘yan!

The Filipinos are known for being hospitable, kind and happy people. Another endearing and admirable trait we possess is resiliency. We are able to get back, stand on our own two feet, again after a tragic or violent disaster has occurred. A strong typhoon bringing disaster to the country is nothing foreign to us. We … Continue reading Pwede na ‘yan!

Breaking Free

Just a week ago we had a great and interactive workshop with the members of Babaylanes, Inc. The Babaylanes, Inc. is the alumni association of the University of the Philippines Babaylan, one of the recognized and established LGBT organization in the country.  I would consider this as one of my favorite talks since the topic … Continue reading Breaking Free