Using (Selfish) Dreams to Help Others

Mr. Gigo Alampay, a professor in the UP Law School and the founder of CANVAS, held a session for us regarding Community Service. His speech actually inspired me since he was one of those few people who will actually tell the truth. He told us that we shouldn't just follow our passion; we should instead … Continue reading Using (Selfish) Dreams to Help Others

Moving Forward: How to Handle Catastrophes

During our disaster risk reduction and management session, Red Cross discussed to us the things we should do in times of danger. They made us watch various clips that featured places that were hit by strong earthquakes, and one of these was the tragedy that happened in Japan, when a strong earthquake hit them followed … Continue reading Moving Forward: How to Handle Catastrophes

Gender and Sex

There was this one session in class that was headed by the members of UP Babaylan. I actually enjoyed this particular one, since the subject matter was so interesting and the people from UP Babaylan were fun. This session made me reflect on certain things about Gender Sensitivity: In this day and age, people are … Continue reading Gender and Sex