What makes someone a hero? Does he have to have superpowers and save the day? Does he have to be someone who is known by everyone? I have always admired superheroes when I was young. I thought that it was cool that people had superpowers. I always envied them because I wanted to be unique … Continue reading Heroes

Risk Reduction and Management in the Philippines

How do you reduce risk? This is the question I asked myself before the talk on disaster reduction and management began. I was hesitant to listen to this lecture because I didn’t feel that it was important. However, I was proven wrong. I was shocked to see the effects of improver risk reduction and management. … Continue reading Risk Reduction and Management in the Philippines


Before the lecture on gender sensitivity, I was already aware of this pressing problem. Some of my friends are very active in showing their support for gender sensitivity. I had always been passive about it. I never knew much about this topic. It was really informative to have attended this talk. There was a lot … Continue reading Equality