Following Dreams with CANVAS

Mr. Gigo Alampay’s talk on following one’s passion was a very powerful and inspiring experience for me. He shared with us how he was able to make a positive impact on society by following his own passion. Mr. Alampay is currently the head of the Center for Art, New Ventures, and Sustainable Development or CANVAS … Continue reading Following Dreams with CANVAS

Environmental Awareness, Taal-style

The Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center (or Pusod TLCC) is a wonderful institution that promotes eco-tourism in the Taal lake area of Batangas. Armed with personnel from different backgrounds, Pusod TLCC allows visitors to experience various enjoyable activities while learning about the ecology of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Less than a three-hour drive from … Continue reading Environmental Awareness, Taal-style

Project NOAH: A Game Changer

Project NOAH is a groundbreaking undertaking by the government through the Department of Science and Technology. It aims to bring valuable information to the Filipino public regarding the climate, weather, and terrain in areas throughout the country. To begin, the Philippines displays a severe disparity in technological innovation of its government agencies when compared to … Continue reading Project NOAH: A Game Changer