“Djhay Bumbay”

Did you watch the new Star Wars teaser trailer? It was released last week and was generally well-received by fans except for two things; First, a lightsaber shown in the video had three blades. This is not really a real world issue, just a fandom thing. Second and final perceived problem was that a black … Continue reading “Djhay Bumbay”


The Filipino people have experienced so much up to this point. They have experienced invasions by foreigners. they stood tall and fought. They have withstood domination. They rebuild after every death, flood, fire, war, earthquake, eruptions, revolutions. They rebuild with a smile on their faces, always positive. That is how we see ourselves every time … Continue reading Barya


We were all kids once. Relishing in our innocence, as we frolicked in the proverbial meadows of childhood. I, as a child, dreamed of many things. I dreamed of superheroes and of wizards. I dreamed of magic castles and futuristic planets. You might have done similarly. But as you grow older, these dreams change according … Continue reading Passions