2400 Minutes of SAMASA Experience

Every student attending the School of Economics in University of the Philippines – Diliman has access to opportunities and benefits that will last them a lifetime. One of these opportunities available is the participation in the internships provided by the National Service Training Program (NSTP).  As I nervously entered the cold UPSE Auditorium one Monday … Continue reading 2400 Minutes of SAMASA Experience

Aray ko bh3

Hi. Imagine a bird. *cue music* Being dragged away willingly into a strange big unfamiliar place is but the initiation of every fledgling into adulthood. The air is miasmic the others chirp weird and the nest is never as nice. Flap flap flap go the little wings but they never seem to catch much wind, and … Continue reading Aray ko bh3

On Depression and Mental Illnesses

Growing up, the term “mental illness” didn’t even exist in my vocabulary because anything that was considered a mental illness wasn’t a mental illness. My parents taught me that whatever it was people considered mental illnesses were nothing but pathetic excuses of even more pathetic people. Depression wasn’t something real, to my parents; it was … Continue reading On Depression and Mental Illnesses

Siege Economy: Why the Sanctions on Russia Will Backfire

By Rafael Martin M. Consing III (2013-17455) On August 10, it was reported that the Scottish fish industry has stagnated heavily since Russia imposed a total ban on food imports from the European Union. On August 11, it was reported that the car industry in Russia, whose major operators include the American companies of General … Continue reading Siege Economy: Why the Sanctions on Russia Will Backfire